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Lee Sports Ireland

Based in Cork, Lee Sports Ireland began life nearly 40 years ago as a small family Sports Distribution business. We have now evolved into a leading brand,  primarily specialising in the Lightning® Gaelic products range, each item of which has been individually designed and developed with a modern twist. We use only the latest technology and materials, which respect always a strong and deep traditional Gaelic heritage, while maintaining superior quality at competitive prices.



The Environment.

In recent years we have worked very hard on our packaging to reduce and eliminate any negative impact on the environment.  With original and innovative design, we have removed plastic sleeves from our gloves, we have removed blister packs (a particularly egregious use of plastic) from our mouthguards and hurley grips.  Our footballs are presented in one-month biodegradable bags.  Our water bottle packs are delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes, and our individual water bottles are presented in paper bags.



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This is our Trade site, please visit to purchase if you are a member of the public.  We welcome enquiries from the trade and public alike - please visit the contacts page if you wish to contact us about anything, or you can call us at + 353 21 4975555

Now available - the Lightning Eyeball:  train your eye to hand co-ordination, anywhere, anytime.  Full details on the Sliotar Page.